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The fifth dimensional Earth already exists in the Quantum Field. When I was first shown this incredible planet, looking from the bridge of the Galactic Federation Ship, it was the most astoundingly beautiful sight I think I’ve ever witnessed. The surface had blues, greens and white clouds and emanating from the planet was a white glow which emanated into space.

The white glow represented 5th dimensional consciousness and its frequency was sensational. It was so magnificent visually and energetically, I broke down into tears.

The Galactic Federation and the Arcturian Council of Elders have also clearly shown me the timeline and trajectory that we are currently experiencing and the turbulent transition period between 3D and FD consciousness.

As a channel to Beings of Light I am called to bring and anchor this powerful frequency and coding here to Earth during this time. In this live transmission I am going to share with you the knowledge, galactic perspective, understanding and wisdom that I have received from the Arcturian Council of Elders and the Galactic Federation of Light.


We have an unprecedented opportunity right now, to shift out of the ‘old ways’ and into the new.

In the not too distant future we will begin to rebuild our society from the foundations upwards and moving into alignment with our Higher Self and into 5D consciousness.

I have a deep conviction that where spiritual insight and higher dimensional intelligence meets strategic planning and preparation, we can truly navigate even the greates challenges of 3D into the birth of the New Earth.

If you are ready for this transformation and to embody higher consciousness beyond your five physical senses and anchor in timelines not yet available to the rest of humanity, I am here to be your guide on this exciting journey.

Aeron Lazar anchoring 5d frequencies


Aeron Lazar is a gifted energy worker, an ascension mentor, and spiritual teacher with multidimensional psychic abilities.

Aeron Lazar works closely with extraterrestrial civilizations of Light including the Arctrurians, the Sirians, the Pleaidians, the Orions, the Lyrans and the Galactic Federation of Light.

Aeron has the power to receive and send consciousness technology, also known as light codes and transmit these upgrades to others. These codes work with every facet of a person’s 3D reality to help them create a lifetime filled with love fulfillment.

Aeron also accesses the Akashic Records to remove barriers, limits, bonds, and other spiritual links hindering the flow of abundance to his clients’ lives.

Aeron is deeply committed to supporting the creators of the New Earth in unlocking their divine potential, accessing higher planes of awareness, discovering their purpose and easily attracting their soul’s actual desires.

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