Do you feel like you might be here on Earth for a bigger reason? Would you like to discover your starseed origins and connect to your soul family on a deeper level?

Being a Starseed is an honour but it also comes with challenges. When we incarnate here on Earth, we go through the so-called “veil of forgetfulness”. This means that we get disconnected from our Galactic Soul Family, our supernatural gifts and our soul’s mission. On top of that, as Starseeds we often feel like we don’t quite fit in here on Earth. That can leave us feeling a bit lost, confused and even powerless.

The good news is that as a Starsed you are a powerful being. You have innate spiritual gifts ready to discover and your Galactic Family is waiting for you to reach out to them!

For every Starseed, reconnecting with their Galactic Star Family of Light Beings is a wonderful and inspiring experience.

This is why I recorded this potent energetic activation that will help you send a signal out to your Interstellar Guides. This energetic transmission is designed to alter your frequency within your energy field in such a way that you become more sensitive to the energies of Beings of Light who are eager to serve as your Guides and assist you in your planetary mission.

It is a gift to you from myself and my Galactic soul family.

Simply find a quiet space, get comfortable, close your eyes, relax and open up to receive. Myself and my Guides will do the rest. 

During the activation, I channel powerful Arcturian codes that work deeply to rewire your personal energy field and on every dimension of your being, for immediate profound results.

What you may experience during the energy transmission:



Spiritual Guide & Interdimensional Mystic

Aeron Lazar is a channel to Galactic Light Beings such as the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, a Starseed and a spiritual teacher with full-blown psychic gifts.

Aeron is passionate about helping people from all walks of life unlock their divine potential, access higher realms of consciousness, discover their planetary mission and effortlessly attract their soul’s true desires.

In this activation, Aeron Lazar will help you send out an energetic call to your soul family so you can get connected with your soul’s memories, access your supernatural gifts and step into your soul’s alignment.

the Galactic Soul Family Activation!