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The bags are stowed, the seatbelt lights on, it’s time to hit the runway and take-off to the Quantum Realm.

Guess who’s the pilot?

Welcome to the flight of your life! The one you have been preparing for since you incarnated in this three-dimensional reality! In this remarkable “Navigate the Quantum Field Training + Activation” we’re going to help you develop different modalities, to help you steer the yoke of your consciousness around the Quantum Field.

Yes! It’s a free live Third Eye Activation and Consciousness Expansion Training that’s going to help you:

Any pilot would tell you there are four main forces that make airplanes fly: Lift or the opposing force between the air and the airplane wings, Weight of the airplane that keeps it in balance while in flight, Thrust which is produced by the airplane engine to propel it forward, and Drag or the aerodynamic friction between the solidness of the aircraft and the fluidity of the skies.

But these four things could not make a plane fly without one essential factor – the Pilot, of course!

The same things apply to your spiritual journey.

The Lift

is the calling of your soul, the voice in your heart that urged you to seek your soul rediscovery.

The Weight

is your body and your mind, constantly working together to help you find balance as you trudge on the rocky planes of your human existence and mysterious clouds of the spiritual realm.

The Thrust

is your “why,” the reason that keeps you moving forward in this journey – and that is to fully develop your multidimensional potential and fulfill your soul mission of helping the Earth ascend.

The Drag

is reconciling your humanness with your soul mission. It’s you, working to be in the present, to be at home in your body, to keep your feet planted on Earth, as your eyes scan the skies and your soul touches the cosmos.

All of these things were produced by you – the Pilot!

And now, the pilot is ready to make the trip to the Quantum Realm.

What Can You Expect From This Activation + Training?

Recognize Your Unique Multidimensional Gifts and Use Them

Each one of us has something unique to offer the world, as our contribution to expand the planet’s collective consciousness. Maybe you have the gift of omniscience or inner knowing, or the gift of Light Languages, or even the gift of music, art, or volunteerism. Whatever it is, all of these potentials have been coded in your consciousness because they serve your soul mission. In this training/ activation, we will help you pin-point these multidimensional potentials and how to use them.

Connect with Various Galactic Beings

Galactic Beings are always ready for us to make contact, as they are guardians over the planet, wishing nothing but our consciousness to expand so that we may leave behind 3D concepts like war, destruction, famine, greedy politics, and so on. With the intention to help you navigate the Quantum Realm, our team of Galactic Beings are ready, willing, and happy to share their presence, wisdom and light during this activation session.

Learn Little Known Secrets of the Quantum Realm

The Quantum Realm is the ultimate source of knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and foresight that have much yet to be revealed. It contains all the information and codes of our very existence. In this activation session, we will uncover the secrets and mysteries of the Quantum Field to help optimize your spiritual journey.

Receive a Live Channeled Energetic Upgrade from the Sirians

The Sirians are a peaceful race from the planetary system of Sirius who master a powerful and unique brand of light protection against psychic attacks and energetic blockages. Their light can boost mental clarity, repel negative energies, and clear out energetic blockages. In this activation, we will be receiving a live energetic upgrade from the Sirians to maximize and fortify your field as you try to enter the Quantum Realm

The Ultimate Result

By the end of the Navigate the Quantum Field Training + Activation,” you will be ready to pump up the engines and soar high into the Quantum Field to receive downloads like you never have before! 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to propel your spiritual journey forward and we are so excited to guide you through it!

Mark your calendars on:

Aeron Lazar starseed


Spiritual Guide & Multidimensional Psychic

Aeron Lazar is an energy worker, a channel and an Arcturian Starseed with full-blown multidimensional abilities.

Aeron had had the ability to open up spiritually for over two decades. However, life and business got in a way and he pushed his cosmic gifts to one side. When he reconnected with his Higher Self and the Arcturian Council of Elders, he began working energetically with various Light Beings including the Arcturians, the Pleiadians and the Sirians.

Aeron Lazar has the ability to receive energetic codes and upgrades and transmit them to others. These codes work with every aspect of a person’s 3D reality and assist in creating a lifetime of abundance and fulfilment, in every way. He also works with the Akashic Records on removing blocks, limitations, curses, bonds and all sorts of spiritual ties.

Aeron is passionate about helping people from all walks of life unlock their divine potential, access higher realms of consciousness, discover their planetary mission and effortlessly attract their soul’s true desires.