Consciousness technology is an advanced transformational tool to upgrade every area of your life! Join this LIVE MASTERCLASS to discover how!


What you will learn and experience during this training:

You can experience profound breakthroughs in every area of your life with these galactic energetic upgrades!

Are you ready to activate CONSCIOUSNESS TECHNOLOGY CODES that will work deeply within your energy field, on every dimension of your being, to shift you into your highest state of flow? 

These are the exact codes I activated in my own energy field to step into my divine purpose, manifest the life of my dreams and live in the highest state of flow, abundance, health and happiness!

I am now sharing this profound knowledge with you, so you can unlock your divine potential and step into the life of your dreams!

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These energetic codes can help you rewire your perception and attitude in every area of your life and help clear your blocks. Sometimes we can get in our own way, sabotage our happiness as our subconscious programmes run against our goals and desires.

The codes will re-align your wavelength and your energy field. It is like getting a re-map done on your car – it’s fine tuning your frequency. It is like reprogramming your central processing unit on an energetic level.

What you will experience in the days and sometimes weeks after receiving an upgrade is that your perceptions and your thought processes begin to change as do your actions. The new energy that you resonate out into the field begins to draw in a new reality for you in that area and things physically begin to change in your reality. Some of the changes can be subtle whilst others can be true breakthroughs.

There is a vast number of energetic codes and they can help you in every area of your life.


These codes help to rewire your perception and attitude towards money. They will help clear your blocks, have the ability to charge for your worth, people feeling value, people feeling appreciative of your products and your work...


Relationship codes just allow you to connect easier with people around you, helps to remove blockages within you on an emotional level so you can enjoy relationships more.


Those subtle codes of inner healing will help you recover quicker on every level: mentally, physically and spiritually.


These codes will activate wisdom with business decisions, directions to take business in, reach of the business. What you put out there will resonate better with the field of your marketplace!


These codes will boost your inner courage and clear some of the fundamental blocks which stop people from following their destined path.


The codes of divine shielding will help protect your energy field. It will feel like an energetic armour that is going to protect you and maintain your pure heart.

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Spiritual Guide & Interdimensional Mystic

Aeron Lazar is a powerful energy worker, a starseed and a spiritual teacher with full-blown interdimensional gifts.

He is passionate about helping people from all walks of life unlock their divine potential, access higher realms of consciousness, discover their planetary mission and effortlessly attract their soul’s true desires.

In this Masterclass, Aeron will share his experience in working energetically with Consciousness Technology to remove subconscious blocks and limitations and effortlessly overhaul every area of your life.