Ready to allow the flow of love, abundance and well-being into your life?


Your energetic field, your ancestral field and your karmic field are at work.

They are firing programmes that prompt you to make certain choices, big and small. All for one reason: to keep you safe. But here is the catch! Safe doesn’t mean optimal!

In fact, very often karmic ties and loops run in circles, keeping you small and blocking the flow of happiness, freedom and abundance!

Clients come to my individual sessions because they keep hitting blocks on their road to optimal health, income, career or relationship goals. And as unique as their stories are, the solution is always the same: negative programmes and karmic loops need to be cleared from their field to make space for upgrades that will serve them!

Aeron Lazar

The situations that clients come to me with include:

My individual sessions are equivalent to energetic surgery. My clients experience profound energetic shifts after every session which translate to their 3D reality in a very rapid, Quantum way.

The “diagnosis” part may combine an energy field scan with Akashic / past life / ancestral reading. The “procedure” part consists of energetic work that may include the removal of karmic ties, bonds, blocks, curses or seals as well as a Galactic energetic upgrade / field reprogramming.

Each session takes approximately 90 minutes, but it may take longer, depending on the complexity of what we are working on. My intention is to ensure the process is complete from an energetic perspective. After all, you can’t leave a patient mid-way through an operation!90

What happens during a session?​

Every session is unique and tailored to individual needs but this is how it usually runs:

Within minutes of reading your field and / or Akashic records, I am able to identify the energetic blocks which are linked to your past experiences in a specific area.

Then I begin the process of removing any ties, bonds, energetic seals or anything that is stopping the optimal flow of energy to your life.

When all the old programmes are removed, it creates a void within your field, so what I do next is to recode and rewire your field. I install new programming which serves you and your highest self.

During or following the session you will feel the purge of energy as the blocks are leaving your field.

Choose the best option for you:

One Individual Session

$ 333
  • Individual Akashic Session with Aeron Lazar
  • 1 x 90 minute session

Package of 4 Sessions

$ 1111
  • Individual Akashic Clearing and Coaching sessions with Aeron Lazar
  • 4 x 90 minute sessions
Aeron Lazar

Hi, I’m Aeron Lazar!

I’m a Multidimensional Psychic, an Energy Worker and a Channel. As a Starseed I also download and transmit Galactic Consciousness Technology.

I work from a centered place of the highest vibration and of the light. I also have a strong team of Galactic guides around me whom I work with daily.

My mission is to help you unlock your divine potential and during the one to one sessions I do just that. I play the role of an energetic detective and dig into what is going on in your life, on an energetic, invisible level. 

I’m able to access your Akashic Records via your energetic field, pinpoint records with trauma and / or karma associated, neutralise the karma and then remove and repair any distorted frequency in your energetic field.


Frequenty Asked Questions about 1-to-1 sessions:

When you click on “I’m ready for a 1 to 1 session”, it will take you to my diary.

You will be able to see my availability and check if any of the dates are convenient for you. Choose a date that suits you or alternatively reach out to if none of the dates work.

When you click on “I’m ready for a 1 to 1 session”, it will take you to my diary

After selecting the date that is convenient for you, you will be taken to payment gateway powered by Stripe. All major cards are accepted.

Payment by PayPal is also possible – reach out to if this is the option you prefer.


What we do during a session is always complete energetic work. So you will never have to go over the same issue again.

However, my own experience with clients shows that we can have a multitude of different karmic and ancestral programmes running in the background. Our field opens in layers – so once we clear one, the next level becomes available. Every time we clear a programme it is final and done – and we liberate more and more energy.

One session might be all you need to resolve a persistent block to income, negative pattern repeating in relationships or business. But you may decided to have another session, perhaps around a different aspect of your life or a different situation.

Always ask yourself: is energy flowing fully in my life or is it sticking in some area (income, relationships, health, career, sense of purpose). If you see room for improvement, then I am here to help you.

I don’t offer payment plans as every session is a complete energetic process. When you make the payment, you already set the clearance intention in motion and open up your field and when we finish the session, you close the field. Spreading payments over a period of time would interfere with the energetics.

I value my time, expertise and skills and give my best for every client. Often the work is so intense that I end up drenched in sweat. The energy is palpable. I have been able to shift and resolve issues within my 60-90 minutes that people struggled with for decades and often spend a small fortune on multiple sessions with different healers.