The Akashic Records Mastery


If you come across the same negative patterns in your life, despite working hard on your mindset, it may mean that there are invisible blocks to love, abundance or optimal health present in your energy field.

You may have tried working coaching, activations, reprogramming your subconscious mind or even therapy. But because these modalities are limited to imprints from this lifetime alone, they often miss a bigger picture: our Soul’s experience beyond this incarnation.

The good news is that by accessing the Akashic Records, you are able to go deeper: straight into the cause of any distortion affecting your life. You can find out how events from your previous lifetimes influence you today. And as you learn to work energetically with the Akashic Record, you will effortlessly shift out of difficult circumstances, change the trajectory of your life and embark on the course to a brighter future.

Akashic Records - discover mission of your soul

The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul that ever existed. They hold the energetic record of your soul’s journey through every lifetime since its inception at Source.

The information stored in the Records has enormous influence on everyday lives. It holds the key to understanding our relationships, our choices, tendencies and belief systems as well as the reality that we manifest.

Your Soul has a unique mission. By accessing your personal Akashic Records you can discover that mission, tap into your highest potential and access clear guidance on how to create the life your Higher Self desires.

You can access the Akashic Records:

Akashic Records Course

I have created the Akashic Records Course so you can learn how to access the Library of the Universe in a conscious, awakened state and how to work with the Records to free your life from karmic loops, energetic distortions and blocks.

The Course will take you through concrete steps you need to take to access, read and interpret the Akashic Records. You will receive practical guidance on how to work with the Akashic Records and the karmic field of energy to identify and remove trauma and karma that may negatively affect your life.

Over the course of 14 practical sessions and activations, you will learn how to use this powerful modality with confidence and efficiency. You will also personally experience powerful shifts and energetic upgrades as you clear your own Records from distorted energy.

The Akashic Mastery Course is the most comprehensive, practical and in depth online program on the subject in existence.

Guided by Aeron Lazar, one of the world’s leading experts on the matter, you will reach mastery in working with the Akashic Realm, the most expansive spiritual plane of all!

Receive Solid Theoretical Foundations

you will get to know the Akashic Realm like the back of your hand so that accessing the Twelfth Dimension will feel as natural as the daily commute to work!

Energetic Activations

With the help of the Pleiadians and the Guardians of The Akashic Realm, you will be coded with the correct access gridwork from which will act like an energetic trampoline and a VIP pass for your consciousness to reach the Hall of Records

Take Part in the Akashic Guided Tour

You will be personally escorted and shown around The Akashic Realm by Aeron as you journey through this incredible experience and discover component parts of the Records

Hone your Skills with Guided Practice

By accessing the Records together with Aeron multiple times, you will create energetic pathways in your brain making it effortless for you to do on your own when needed

Work with the Records to transform your life

Reading the Akashic Records is just the beginning! In the Course, you will learn how to WORK effectively with the Records to release past life trauma & karma and experience instant shifts in your physical reality

The Akashic Records Course lives to its name as the most comprehensive programme on the subject in existence, as it doesn’t just give you the keys to unlocking the secrets of your past incarnation on Earth!

That’s right! The Terrestrial Block of Records is only one part of the vast Akashic Realm! And we are going Galactic!

In order to be a proficient Akashic Practitioner, Aeron will show you how to effectively work with all the component parts of the Akashic Realm including:

The Terrestrial Hall of Records

This is where you will find the good, the bad and the ugly of your Soul’s history on Earth! You will discover stories that will look like the Game of Thrones had a baby with the Witches of Eastwick, all based on facts and written by your Soul!

The Karmic Fields of Energy

Contrary to the popular saying, Karma is not a b*tch. She’s a fine and just lady who intricately weaves across incarnations and records every energetic IOU that we get to pay back through experience. Each “piece” of Karma is stored in the Karmic Fields and assigned a score! You will learn how to release it!

The Unity Consciousness Field

Experience a blissful non-dual state as you access the Unity Consciousness field that sits above the Records and the Karmic Field. Like the legendary Indra’s net, it connects us to all that was, is and will be! Plus, it contains a whole bunch of incredible energetic upgrades – hello 12D abundance codes & Ascension Templates!

The Galactic Hall of Records

Looking for your Starseed origins? Wondering what your Soul Mission is? This is where you will find all the answers, including all the juicy details of your extraterrestrial lives and terms of the Soul Contract you signed before volunteering for Mission Earth!

The Oversoul Template

Here comes the fun part! Flick through all your parallel lives as if they were TV channels and pick which show to tune in to! Aka, welcome to Quantum Jumping into your ideal reality!

This is how Aeron’s work is changing lives

Aeron! Working with you was amazing! Having the ability to connect was a unique experience and knowing what and how was going to be accomplished made me feel relaxed and at peace spiritually, mentally physically and emotionally. After the session was completed I was able to understand why certain situations in my life continually occurred, and now that they are cleared.I can move forward and focus on my ascension for the greater good of myself and the collective.
Before the session I was a bit anxious and also excited to see what would be unveiled. During the session I released an agreement I made from a previous lifetime that blocked my spiritual gifts, especially my sight, due to the fact it was not safe. I feel my third eye is opening again and I’m bringing back my joy. In addition, I released some beliefs around relationships in this lifetime. I embraced my complete worthiness for an amazing relationship in that lifetime. I would recommend anyone who is feeling a block in their connection to their spiritual gifts to go to Aeron. He is an amazing healing facilitator!
"I felt so much lighter after the session and right. Now i am happy and easy going. In other words "I feel great", not even tired. Do you know what's funny? Since this afternoon i don't think one time about anything from the past. It somehow faded AWAY!"
I felt both nervous and excited before the session. I really enjoyed meeting Aeron and appreciated how sensitive and caring he was about the process and my feelings. He created a very safe space to be open and honest. Now I feel confident that I’m on the right track with my spiritual development.
My knees and my throat were giving me trouble so I contacted Aeron. It turned out it was connected to some burden and trouble from the past life. When I gave Aeron the permission to go to my Akashic Records and karmic, he found the root of the problem. I felt this gentle physical experience right through the session and I felt so much relief! I highly recomand his help and support if you are looking for a permanent solution for your problems.
Within two days after the session with Aeron there was a new found bounce in my step and sparkle in my perception. I felt powerful career vibes come back online. My energy has been potent! I’ve been more confident and as a side note I actually saw what I think was my own aura for the first time. To say the least, that dose of energy and protection was seriously magical.
I knew I had to delve into my Karmic records to clear any karma and I knew you could root it out. When you released what you found and then sealed it I felt much lighter and happier. As you are adept at helping others in this way I would have no doubt in recommending you to anyone who wishes to evolve spiritually. In love and light.
Session 1

Quantum Instruction: Understanding the Dimensions and The Akashic Realm

Find out the location of the Akashic Realm within the multiverse, gain deep understanding of dimensions and find out how to access the Akashic Records.

Session 2

Quantum Practice: Elevate Your Consciousness and Access the Akashic Realm

Guided by Aeron, take your first journey into the Akashic Realm and access the Hall of Records in a conscious, awakened state.

Session 3

Quantum Instruction: How to Access Your Akashic Records

Discover the Structure of the the Akashic Realm and the Halls Complex ,and receive an essential safety briefing as you learn how to read your Akashic Record!

Session 4

Quantum Practice: Guided Akashic Tour

Elevate your consciousness and take a guided tour around the Akashic Halls compound and corridors, find where the Records are kept and discover the Karmic Field of Energy.

Session 5

Quantum Instruction:  How to Read the Akashic Records

You will learn how the Akashic Records are represented to a person’s consciousness, discover the secrets of failsafe and ‘firewall’ of the Akashic Records and find out the role of the Guardians of the Akashic Records.

Session 6

Quantum Practice: Meet the Akashic Keepers!

Get personally acquainted with the Guardians of the Akashic Realm (practical tip: it’s better to be on their good side aka put the books where you found them!)

Session 7

Quantum Instruction: How to work energetically with the Akashic Records

Discover the intricate karmic mathematical system, guiding every soul’s evolution trajectory as you understand the relationship between the Akashic Records, The Karmic Field of Energy and find out how to work with the records to transform your life.

Session 8

Quantum Practice: Dissolve Karma, Remove and Recode Distortions in Personal Energy Field

In this very technical session, you will practice neutralizing karma in the Karmic Field of Energy, removing energy blockages and recoding discordant energies in personal energy field. Welcome the optimum flow of abundance without obstacles!


Opening Ceremony & Activation!

My and my Galactic Team of Light Beings will code you with access frequency and gridwork that will act like a VIP pass for your consciousness to the Akashic Realm.

Fill 4
The Galactic Block of Records!

Receive the key to Starseed Readings as you find out how to discover details of past extraterrestrial incarnations, including terms of Soul Contracts.

Fill 4
12D Unity Consciousness Field 

Discover the upper ‘layer’ of The Akashic Realm, the Unity Consciousness Field created by every other living soul in existence. Experience a blissful non dual state and get access to 12D abundance codes & Ascension Templates!

Fill 4
The Oversoul Template and Quantum Jumping

Receive technical, in-depth instruction around The Oversoul Template and put your new knowledge into practice by Quantum Jumping to alternate parallel realities!

Fill 4
Q and A and Coaching Session

Burning questions about the Akashic Records? Ask Aeron and get the answer straight away! 

Fill 4
The Light Language of the Akashic Realm

Discover the sounds of the most powerful Light Language in existence, the Language of the Akashic Realm, capable of melting through karma-trauma bonds like butter!

Fill 4


Expand Your Akashic Mastery with Cutting-Edge Insights!

I understand that your time is valuable, which is why I have restructured our program to provide bite-sized theory modules that can easily fit into your busy lifestyle. Get ready for an immersive experience like no other with brand new session recordings and extra material!


Introduction: The Gateway to Transformation

Embark on your Akashic journey with a comprehensive introduction session. Gain a clear understanding of the program’s framework, setting the stage for the transformative experiences that lie ahead.

Sessions for Beginners: Foundational Wisdom for Empowerment

Get Up to Speed – No Matter Your Starting Point!

Foundational Session 1

How to Elevate Your Consciousness

Discover the fundamental principles and techniques to raise your consciousness to new heights. Unlock the potential within yourself and expand your awareness of the vast possibilities that the Akashic Records and other dimensions hold

Foundational Session 2

Spiritual Protection

Learn the art of shielding yourself energetically as you navigate the Akashic Realm. Uncover powerful techniques to safeguard your energy and create a sacred space for your explorations.

Foundational Session 3

How to Channel

Dive into the fascinating world of channelling and connect with higher realms of wisdom. Master the art of receiving divine guidance and messages, tapping into the limitless wisdom of the Akashic Records.

Advanced Sessions: The Akashic Practitioners Course

Unveiling the Deeper Mysteries with Deep-Dive Sessions

Advanced Session 1

Locations of the Akashic Records

Journey deeper into the Akashic Realm as you explore the various locations of the Akashic Records. Uncover the hidden dimensions and discover the portals that grant access to this infinite source of knowledge.

Advanced Session 2

Karma and Its Relationship to Terrestrial and Galactic DNA

Explore the connection between karma and the intricate web of terrestrial and galactic DNA. Gain profound insights into the karmic imprints that shape your journey and learn how to transcend limitations.

Advanced Session 3

Healing Past Life Painbodies

Unravel the mysteries of past life painbodies that may be influencing you and your clients’ present reality. Delve into past life experiences stored within the Akashic Records and release the energetic blocks hindering your progress.

Advanced Session 4

Releasing Ancestral Patterns

Dive into the depths of ancestral patterns and discover how they shape your experiences and relationships. Gain clarity on inherited traits and liberate yourself from the constraints of generational patterns.

Advanced Session 5

Healing Pain and Trauma

Experience profound healing as I guide you through powerful techniques to release pain and trauma stored within your energetic field and physical body. Transform your past wounds into sources of strength and empowerment.

LIVE SESSION: Your Opportunity to Connect

Join me for a live Q&A session and seize this unique opportunity to have your burning questions answered as I will be offering personalized guidance to support your continued growth and transformation as an Akashic Practicioner.

By the end of the Course you will learn how to:

During the course of 20 powerful sessions
you will receive:

aeron lazar the akashic records course

Choose the best option for you:


$ 2222 Or 4 easy payments of $599
  • The Akashic Records Course
  • Aeron’s support in a private group
  • channelled activations to expand your consciousness
  • Alive, Aligned & Abundant Codes Megapackage


  • The Akashic Records Course
  • Indiviudally Tailored Journey
  • Aeron’s support in a private group
  • channelled activations to expand your consciousness
  • up to 12 months individual Akashic Guidance and Clearing in private sessions!
  • Voxer support!

What my students say about Akashic Records Course?

Aeron, thank you for teaching me how to access the Akashic Records. It´s a tool, it´s a map that now I will explore more! This workshop gave me more clarity and guidance. As we first accessed the Record I saw the entrance in dakrness. But once I entered the corridor, the walls started to be illuminated. They are made out of golden light. As you guided us to explore three different wall-images, I saw images of my previous lifetimes and karma associated wih us. After the session, I went for a walk with my dog and I felt my body so much lighter, I saw every human being and animal on our way through the eyes of love. Accessing Records is a tool for me, for my healing journey and dissolving what distorts my energetic field. It’s of such value!
Akashic Mastery Academy Paritcipant
What an amazing Akashic Course! When I got through the first trip to the Hall I found 3 records, one which had emotion, sadness and much loneliness. I also had a helper in there with me. The Keepers said I'm in my records all the a graduate student who is ALWAYS at the library. I'm there in my sleep time over and over. So we know each other very very well. They were chuckling because it was them first time when I came with my waking consciousness.
Akashic Mastery Academy Participant


Multidimensional Psychic & Akashic Records Expert

Aeron Lazar is an Akashic Records Expert, an energy worker and a Starseed mentor with full-blown multidimensional psychic gifts.

Aeron works with the Akashic Records daily during his individual sessions with clients to pinpoint records with trauma and / or karma associated, neutralise the karma and then remove and repair any distorted frequency in their energetic field.

Aeron is passionate about helping people from all walks of life unlock their divine potential, access higher realms of consciousness, discover their planetary mission and effortlessly attract their soul’s true desires.

Aeron Lazar created the Akashic Records Course to share his experience of working the Akashic Records so you can access the Library of the Universte yourself and clear anything that is holding your back from living the life your Soul desires.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Akashic Records Course

The sessions are recorded so you can watch them at your convenience.  There will be new sessions added throughout the summer of 2023 and a live Q&A in October 2023. If you have any questions that require my assistance, I will be available in the private support group.

Currently the Course material with the practical exercises is desgined to take approximately 4 months to complete.

The original part of the Course was designed to be a 4-week programme and the 2022 new expanded sessions were held over 6 consecutive weeks. The 2023 update brings both foundational and advanced sessions never released before.

However, the Akashic Records Course is a growing body of work that will be updated every year with new interactive live sessions.

You will get access to all modules for lifetime, so you can go through every lesson at your own speed. You are welcome to repeat the instruction modules and the practice sessions as many times as you need until you are completely comfortable accessing the Akashic Records on your own, without my guidance – which is exactly what this course is designed to teach you!

The Course is designed especially for people like yourself! I have helped the attendees of my previous classes access their Records for the very first time and I believe I can help you too. You simply need to be able to clear your mind and be open to receive information from the Records. 

I have added new foundational classes to the Akashic Mastery Academy, to bring up to speed anyone who is new to working with their consciousness.

Over the course of 4 months, you will participate in 4 practical guided practices with my crystal-clear instructions on what to do. You will also receive 5 channelled activations designed to make the process of accessing the Records easier. These are the

  • Akashic Guided Immersion and Field Alignment
  • Pleiadian Light Capacity Increase and Consciousness Expansion
  • Arcturian Heart Field Opening Activation
  • Third Eye Activation
  • 12D Akashic Access Activation

I am both honoured and excited to be guiding you into the Akashic Realm for the very first time!

If you’ve been running around in circles trying to figure out how you can access the Akashic Records, you’re not alone!

In fact, the first time I tried to access the Records myself, it felt like a huge “push” for my consciousness. My Pleiadian Guides assisted me by projecting my consciousness onto one of their crystalline structures and I finally reached it!

And this is why I am including the same Pleiadian Light Capacity Increase and Consciousness Expansion that I used to get to the Records for the very first time. It will help make this process easier. I am also adding an Akashic Guided Immersion and Consciousness Expansion which have assisted attendees of my previous workshop to get there quicker and easier.

Remember, if you are going there on your own for the first time, it may be as difficult as navigating your way through a busy capital city in the rush hour without a satnav. It is much easier if you are guided by an experienced navigator – and this is exactly my role in this course. During the practical part of the Course, I will be personally “escorting” your Consciousness to the Records. It will be the spiritual equivalent of hand holding. We will get there together!

If you have an established meditation practice and can clear your mind, then the answer is a firm YES. Alternatively, if you are not an experienced meditator but you have naturally developed psychic senses – I can guide you through to the Records too.

Initially, the course was not for total spiritual beginners who have never meditated or elevated their consciousness before. However, the 2023 update brings new foundational modules designed to bring you up to speed – even if you never worked with consciousness before.

If you are a newly awakened Starseed and want to work on developing your psychic senses and connecting to Light Beings first, considering joining the Quantum Club which is my membership programme, suitable for people on every level who want to work on opening up to the Quantum Field and forging deeper connections with Galactic Spirit Guides such as the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Lyrans, the Andromedans and the Sirians.

Up until very recently I didn’t offer payment plans as I preferred a clean energetic exchange. 

The Course is a complete programme and a complete energetic exchange and therefore it is important that when you are setting on this journey you are ready for the time, energy and money investment required.

I am a firm believer that if you are called to attend, then the funds will become available to you at the right time. 

However, if you are ready and committed to this journey and the only thing stopping you is finances, I have provided an option to split your course fee into 4 instalments (see the price table above).