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Aeron Lazar Spiritual Guide

Aeron Lazar is a Multidimensional Psychic With A Spiritual Detective’s Eye

Even the smallest amount of energetic frequency that messes up your Energetic Field cannot escape Aeron. By reading your field, he will find out what blockages are keeping you from living your fullest potential and your highest timeline.

Aeron’s energetic work follows his original framework and is totally unique and channeled from the Quantum Field.  Often, it involves investigations into the Quantum Field and particularly, your Akashic Records, so that he can pin-point the problems attaching themselves to your Energetic Field (past life trauma, karma, generational patterns, etc.) and help you unlock a life of your very own conscious creation – full of love, play, vitality, abundance, and magic!

Here are some of Aeron’s high-touch programs:

Individual Akashic & Ancestral Clearance

Do you have failed relationships, career setbacks or declining health despite your best efforts and regular energetic work? Maybe it’s got nothing to do with you on this 3D plane and more to do with your field needing energetic surgery? 

Each 90-minute session addresses blockages and invisible bonds consisting of karmic patterns, past life trauma, ancestral patterns, curses, seals and more. Aeron uses his expertise in the Akashic Records to read about your soul’s journey to “diagnose” events and experiences in all your soul’s incarnations that are presently causing your specific blockages. 

It’s a powerful deep process of investigation and targeted energetic work, ultimately resulting in a total rewiring of your Energetic Field, which returns abundance and flow into your life.

Starseed Reading & Activation

Where did you come from? Why did you choose Earth? Why are you homesick for a place that doesn’t seem to exist? Before your soul incarnated in this body that you’re in, you were a citizen from another star system who saw the Earth’s need for ascended beings to immerse themselves in the human experience and help raise the world’s consciousness and vibration. Naturally, however, upon incarnating on this planet, you passed through the veil of forgetfulness.

Whether you are an Arcturian, Sirian, Pleiadian, Lyran, Andromedan, Orion, or any other Star Race, this session is specifically designed to help you re-discover your Starseed Origins, connect you to your Galactic Team of Guides and ignite your soul mission. You are here for a reason!

Transcending Dimensions

An advanced, immersive and intense 6 months programme with Aeron Lazar and Riya Loveguard where they bring out unique spiritual modalities from their Quantum toolbox with only one intent: To help you break free from your material limitations and transcend to the highest version of yourself.

This program is for people already deeply submerged in their spiritual journey, and who wish to experience an even more thrilling and exhilarating ride using advanced Quantum Technology. 

Deactivating 3D programs, activating 5D upgrades, getting energetic downloads, and learning to embody your higher self are some of the things you can expect from this potent and transformative activation program.