Spiritual Guide & Multidimensional Psychic

Aeron Lazar is a Multi-dimensional Psychic, an Akashic Record Expert, a Channel to Galactic Light Beings, an Energy Worker or to sum it all up: a Modern-Day Wizard!

Aeron works with consciousness and invisible energy to help his clients unlock the full flow of abundance, vitality, love and creativity that translates into immediate, profound shifts in their physical reality. He also teaches his students how to do what he does.

Aeron Lazar’s mission is to unlock your divine potential by liberating the flow of your energy and guiding you back to your full sovereignty. In practice, it means that underneath his wizard cape he wears a Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat and plays the role of an energetic detective. In his legendary indvidual Akashic Clearance and Energetic Rewire sessions, Aeron looks at challenges, obstacles and problems displaying in your reality and traces them back to their very root by uncovering energetic, childhood, ancestral as well as past-life karmic patterns.

Once he has identified those energetic programmes that no longer serve you, he banishes them once and for all. Aeron does so by partnering up with your Akashic Records, your personal energy field, karmic field and ancestral field.

Aeron Lazar’s work is complex, thorough and utterly transformative, but his methodology is simple and 100% channelled in from the Quantum Field, his Higher Self and his Galactic Guides.

Aeron Lazar knows the Akashic Realm like the back of his hand as he spends most days working with clients’ Akashic Records. Helping his students discover the Akashic Realm and learn to work with the Records is one of Aeron’s greatest passions and the very reason he has created the Akashic Records Course.

Aeron Lazar also uses his psychic abilities to channel energy and information from Galactic Beings of Light from higher dimensions such as the Arcturians, the Sirians, the Pleiadians, the Orions, the Lyrans, the Andromedans and the Galactic Federation. You can find Aeron’s latest channelled messages here. And if you are interested in learning how to channel yourself, check out Aeron’s flagship Course, Quantum Deep Dive, which teaches you step by step how to connect with Light Beings to receive guidance and information as well as work with their energy.

Aeron Lazar Akashic Records