Sirian Shielding

Can you harmonize to the song of the universe?

The past few months have been tough on our beautiful planet. With so many huge energy shifts, it can feel like our souls are being crushed by an invisible anchor weight.

Sometimes, it can feel like there is no music in the movie of our lives, just that loud, erratic static noise. There’s no band to fill our souls with joy, just an unpredictable beat that we can’t seem to dance along to. 

All of this is a part of a divine plan to overhaul our society as we know it. 

This can cause a huge interference in our energy fields.

Remember the most fundamental scientific fact that our physical body emits energy, in fact, we are energy and often, our energy creates our reality.

Think of your energy field as your soul’s note in the orchestra of the universe. Whatever octave you are at, your energy sets in motion the soundtrack of your existence.

But with the monumental changes that will come in the next few years, will you still be able to sing along to the tune of the universe? With so much noise, is there a way for us to still be able to harmonize to its song?

Humanity is at the precipice of a revolution, a breaking down of societal structures.

In a few years, our lives won’t look the same. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, humanity will experience a purging of the material world, to make way for a transformation of the metaphysical. 

During these powerful shifts, your energy field can be vulnerable to attacks.

Individuals who might be prone to spiritual attacks are:

  • Empaths
  • Light workers
  • Energy workers
  • Life coaches
  • Spiritual teachers
  • Individuals who are on the path to self-discovery and ascension.

Because these people are so in tune with their spirituality, and can be sensitive to their environment, they can become the receiving end of negative forces that flow through the Earth. 

Without the knowledge on how to block these energies, they can be troubled with mental fog, lethargy, fear, anxiety, negativity, and depression.

Aeron Lazar Akashic Records

How do I protect my energetic field from spiritual attacks?

There are so many simple ways to protect yourself from disruptive energies: Meditation, yoga, journaling, sound therapy, immersing yourself in water, affirmations, candle magic, healing crystals, and more.

But nothing says protection better and more long-lasting than the kind of protection that can be provided by Light Beings.

Light Beings are highly powerful beings that live on planets far more advanced than Earth. They are highly ascended entities that understand the secrets of the universe. They have long abandoned the mundane and contrived way of living that the human race still does because they have ascended into a higher vibrational kind of existence.

Often, these Light Beings look out for us and guide us as we trudge on in this material plane.

I regularly work with a particular Race of Light Beings known as the Sirians.

Sirians ares; a peaceful, loyal, and loving race that live in harmony and value growth – qualities that they influence humans to embody here on Earth.

Sirians can provide a unique light protection that calls on different powers of the universe.

In all the times I have encountered my Sirian Spirit Guides, they have often granted me with peace and the kind of divine assurance that emboldens me to continue my mission here on Earth.

My Sirian Guides want me to share this kind of peaceful protection with you through a Guided Sirian Shielding Activation.

What is a Guided Sirian Shielding Activation?

In this activation program, I am going to channel my Sirian Spirit Guides to who will protect the vulnerable parts of your energy field and fortify it against negative energies by building a dome-like shield o.

This Sirian Shielding Activation Will:

Benefits of Sirian Shielding Activation:

You will receive

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Aeron Lazar is an Akashic Records expert, a powerful energy worker, a channel to Galactic Beings and a spiritual teacher with full-blown multidimensional gifts.

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