Connecting with Sirians: Ancient Wisdom and Cosmic Insights

Aeron Lazar

In the vast expanse of the universe, there exists an intellectually advanced race known as the Sirians, often depicted as the “Greys” with big foreheads. While they may have been portrayed as menacing invaders in Hollywood movies, the truth is far from it. The Sirians are not to be feared; rather, their energies are captivating and filled with wisdom.  In this article, I will share the profound insights and wisdom these advanced beings have imparted, urging us to embrace their fascinating energy and elevate our consciousness to new heights..

Sirian Cosmic Insights: Illuminating Paths to Spiritual Growt

Meeting the Sirians

Contrary to the fear-inducing boogeyman image often perpetuated by media, the Sirians are an intellectually advanced race with large brains that facilitate effortless telepathic communication. My encounters with them have taken place on their ships, where they share star constellations, reminiscent of scenes from Star Trek. Unlike the playful Arcturians, the Sirians exude a more serious demeanor, finding joy in the progress and advancement of their civilization and sciences. While they might appear serious, their energies are grounding and powerful, offering profound insights into various aspects of both their and our existence.

Sirians: Unraveling the Mysteries of Interstellar Wisdom

Connecting with the Sirians through Quantum Sessions

Together with my wife Riya who incarnated as a Sirian in some of her past lives, we journeyed into their realm multiple times. Our Quantum sessions – first just with the two of us, then with our students inside the Quantum Club –  have led to profound connections with these advanced beings. Through intention and elevated consciousness, we access a world of knowledge and insights they willingly share with us. Their communication with us transcends the boundaries of words, encompassing visuals, thoughts, and a deep sense of knowing.

I vividly remember one of my encounter with the Sirians which took place on one of their ships and was an extraordinary experience. They allowed me access to their central control, where they displayed star charts and information through telepathy. Before entering, my consciousness was scanned to ensure authenticity, a testament to their advanced technology.

Journey to the Stars: Embracing the Enigmatic Sirian Connection

How to connect to the Sirians: Embracing Intention and Elevated Consciousness

Intention is a powerful tool that allows us to connect with the Sirian energy, whether during quantum sessions or in our day-to-day lives. By affirming our intention to connect with Sirian energy and elevate our consciousness, we can open ourselves to their energy. Sirian frequency is relatively easy to connect to – in comparison to for example the Andromedans or the Blue Avians – as their energy is very strong, tangible. We often like to describe it as a “weighted blanket” as it feels heavy and comforting at the same time.

When we connect to them in group settings, the process is even easier as our group vortex intensifies the connection. The key for this communication is to press into the energies with our consciousness and ask questions, allowing the answers to flow through intuition. The group session intensifies the experience, making it a powerful and insightful journey. The Sirians guide us, encouraging us to ask deep or personal questions, providing an opportunity for profound self-discovery.

Sirians Among Us: A Closer Look at Galactic Guides

The Sirians, God and Ascension

An example of such a profound question was when one of my students ask whether the Sirians believed in God during one of the channelled sessions that I guided. Here’s what they had to say: “When you speak about God, we would refer to God as source energy – the place from which all of us were created and to which we are all connected. For us, our entire process is designed around becoming better and drawing closer to our higher selves. Even though you believe we reside in a higher dimension or place, we, too, have higher selves and are on a journey to improve ourselves. It’s a journey of continual improvement.

Your experience on Earth is unique; when a soul incarnates on Earth, there are abundant opportunities to learn lessons, clear karma, and enjoy the overall experience. For us, it is slightly different. We do not worship God; rather, we revere God, or source energy, and the opportunity for our higher selves to be more aligned with the frequencies of souls. In a way, this is our concept of God, or to use human terms, our “church.” Our frequency can always be improved, and it’s something we strive to do. We commend you for seeking to do the same as you are here with us now.”

A Channelled Message from the Sirians: You are more powerful than you care to realise

I want to share with you a message I received from the Sirians in one of such group sessions inside the Quantum Club: 

“Don’t follow the frequency of fear; follow the frequency of the truth, follow the frequency of the light, and what you would call elevated emotions. You live in an abundant world, yet the abundance has been removed from the planet by those who seek to control it. Just understand that you are abundant, understand the power of your waveform emotions when sent out into the field, and realise that although you may feel insignificant as individuals, you are anything but. You are more powerful than you care to realize, more powerful than you can comprehend.

We urge you to understand your true power, to understand what you are capable of, what your consciousness is capable of. As the frequency of the planet has shifted, as the frequency has changed, you need to begin stepping into your power, stepping into your sovereign right of consciousness ascension. Science has not yet caught up with what the human consciousness is capable of, and what you are demonstrating here today with this circle. We urge you to work and develop your skills because you have all the ingredients to make this happen.”

Cosmic Messengers: The Profound Teachings of the Sirian Beings


Connections with the Sirians has been awe-inspiring, unveiling a civilization of wisdom, advancement, and consciousness exploration. By releasing misconceptions and embracing their captivating energy, we open ourselves to a deeper understanding of our own consciousness. Through intention, elevated consciousness, and profound communication, we can harness the incredible potential within us. The Sirians’ message is a powerful reminder of our innate power and the unlimited possibilities that await us in our journey of spiritual growth.


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Aeron Lazar

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Aeron Lazar

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