The Arcturians: “Never lose hope!” | Message channelled by Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar

The Arcturian Collective: “No matter what is thrown at humanity over the coming months, never lose hope.

No matter how hard it is getting, never ever lose belief that Light will overcome the Dark. It is inevitable. There is no other way. This is just a process you are going through and experiencing right now.

You are calm before the storm, but there is going to be a period of intense emotional turbulence when the vaccine becomes available.

As its availability arrives, you will all be taken on an emotional rollercoaster as governments, mainstream media and companies will be coercing people to take it.

It will be a 3-pronged strategy involving governments, mainstream media and private corporations.

Governments will try to turn different factions of the general population against one another. You will see vaccine shaming and the narrative that people who haven’t had it are selfish, are damaging the economy and will be blamed for preventing everyone from getting back to normal.

Governments won’t introduce new legislation which would cost them votes, so instead will lobby private corporations to alter policy regarding their customers and vaccinations.

Mainstream media will provide propaganda in support of a mass vaccination program and the demonising of those who refuse it.

This will happen for a period of 6-8 months after the vaccine is available and will become very intense, but this period will pass.

You should elevate your consciousness and raise your vibration in preparation for this time.

Don’t lose hope, don’t lose positivity, don’t lose belief.

There is a three-tiered system energetically on Earth: there is the power of intention, there is hope and there is also belief. It’s the same energetic resonance but three layers to it.

Always follow the light. If the world seems dark, then look inwards. You are all filled with light, you are all just pure expressions of your consciousness.
All you need to do to overcome the darkness is to look inside. If people can start looking inside themselves and spring-clean their containers and elevate their emotions, then they will discover that happiness comes from within.
During this upcoming period, people will need support both emotionally and mentally. It’s important that you support your family, neighbour, friend, colleague, fellow human, should they need this. There is strength in numbers.

Don’t fear the dark.

We are always with you.”

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Aeron Lazar

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Picture of Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar

Spiritual Guide & Multidimensional Psychic

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