The Arcturians: “New energy is coming to Earth!” | Message channelled by Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar

START – New energy is coming to Earth! As the magnetic poles are shifting, there will be portals or vortexes which will begin to open up in different parts of the planet near or alongside ley lines.

There will be areas of land near or next to a major lay line which will have polytunnels on it. The polytunnels signify one of the areas in which these vortices and energy portals will be located. These portals will make it much easier for humans to connect into the Quantum Field and elevate their consciousness. The membrane or fabric which separates dimensions will be thinner and much easier for human consciousness to bridge.

There are beings which reside beneath the surface of the Earth. One race of beings resides in tunnel systems below the surface and the other reside on the base of the oceans as amphibious beings.

What both races of beings are doing and have been doing for many thousands of years is to disrupt and distort the flow of energy from Gaia as it flows up from the centre of the Earth to the surface where it connects to human’s root and heart chakras.

With the distortion that is occurring, humans receive a version of energy from Gaia that is not in its purest form. You can think of it in Earth terms as pollution in the field of energy flow from Gaia.

The reason that the two races of beings are disrupting the energy from Gaia is to make it more difficult for humans to ascend their consciousness. Indeed there are many different scenarios at play on Earth currently in relation to this, but their aim is the same: to make human consciousness ascension as difficult as possible, thereby keeping humanity under control.

There are tunnel systems which were built millennia ago. There are underground networks of tunnel systems where one of the races of beings resides. The underground civilisations have been added to them over the centuries since their inception.

There is also a lot which is happening deep beneath the surface of the oceans which humanity has never seen and knows nothing about. Humanity has just about mapped out the sea beds using sonar/radar technology, but there is much yet to be discovered. Two thirds of your planet is water and yet as a species you have not yet mastered technology advanced enough to explore your own ocean beds thoroughly.

The 3 dimensional human experience is a beautiful experience for a soul and its consciousness, but humanity is its own worst enemy at times and it’s arrogance around feelings of technological superiority are yet another lesson for the souls of humanity to lean on the planet.

You can think of the chakra system of the Earth like an energy funnel. At each chakra point on Earth, the energy from Gaia is funneled through and is released on the surface of Earth. Due to the speed at which the energy is funnelled through, there is less of a distortion and the energy from Gaia is a more pure form of Earth’s energy at those chakra points on Earth.

It’s why the chakra points feel spiritually different to other parts of the planet, humans can sense the difference in energy. In energetic terms it’s like breathing clean fresh air as opposed to air that you may breathe in a large city.
The energy from Gaia that humans experience in other parts of the planet is not as pure and is more distorted than at the Chakra points. Many humans have begun to raise and elevate their consciousness but the distortion in energy is one of the reasons that many people struggle to make a connection to the Quantum Field.

On the Solstice there will be unprecedented opportunities for humans to access the Quantum Field, especially near to or alongside major ley lines on Earth. The connection will be easier, stronger and will allow for a greater download of information and understanding.

Remain centred and keep your emotional vibrations high during this time. There is much for you to celebrate moving forwards but that time is not now. This is a time for focus and concentration as the planet enters its transition period.”

Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar

Spiritual Guide & Multidimensional Psychic

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Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar

Spiritual Guide & Multidimensional Psychic

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