The Alpha Centauri – The Guardians of the Galaxy

Aeron Lazar

The Alpha Centauri race is an intriguing and essential addition to our understanding of the Galactic Races. Their proximity to our solar system and advanced level of consciousness, as well as the fact that there is not much information available on them (unlike the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians),  make them an exciting topic for Quantum exploration. 

My connection with them was sparked by a starseed reading I did for Heather, who is part of my membership group, the Quantum Club.  While conducting the reading, I encountered the Alpha Centauri race for the first time, and it was an incredible experience. It felt like witnessing Guardians of the Galaxy, and I knew I had to share more about this amazing race first with the Quantum Club, and then with the wider audience inside the April Starseed Energy Update.  It’s astonishing that it took me three years of conducting Starseed Readings to discover and connect with our closest cosmic neighbours!

Who are the Alpha Centauri Race?

The Alpha Centauri race resides within the third-dimensional space, similar to us. Although they operate with an advanced level of consciousness, they share the same dimension as we do. Their star system is one of the closest to ours, just 4.3 light years away. In terms of cosmic distance, we’re practically neighbours, even though the distance might seem vast. 

To better understand the relative distance between our solar system and Alpha Centauri, consider the following visual. At the centre, we have our Sun, and the coloured dots represent different star systems. Although the dots aren’t orbiting the Sun, their positioning illustrates their proximity to one another. The Alpha Centauri system is closer to us than Sirius (8.6 light-years away from Earth) or Vega, which is the part of the Lyran system, located 25 light-years away from Earth.

The humanoid race from Alpha Centauri is technologically and spiritually more advanced than humans. This information was channelled recently. They are very much in their masculine frequency, with a drive to work with the mechanics of the universe. They love working with matter and consciously charging crystals and stones with frequency. Their way of life is a balanced, consciously advanced existence.

What do Alpha Centauri and their planet look like?

Alpha Centauri beings are tall, with white, pale, and thin skin, white hair, and slightly larger eyes than humans. Their planet, which has two stars in its system, never gets completely dark, reaching only a dusky level of light.

These beings have mastered matter and energy, creating energy weapons that resemble lightsabers from Star Wars but with wider and flatter energy blades. They also have a cuff-like device that can produce an energetic shield when activated.

The Alpha Centauri Portals & Multidimensional Travel

The Alpha Centauri race has managed to open up portals into other dimensions, with five of them strategically placed throughout the region, allowing access to different frequency bands. 

These portals are heavily fortified and guarded, ensuring that only those with permission can pass through. These portals are controlled to prevent misuse, allowing only authorised users to travel through them. Interestingly, each of the five portals leads to different dimensions, enabling multi-dimensional travel.

When the  people of Alpha Centauri discovered how to open up these portals and, filled with exuberance, proceeded to establish five of them around their system. Their advanced technology, including powerful weaponry, has deterred potential threats such as the inhabitants of Alpha Draconis. 

Alpha Centauri starseeds 

Alpha Centauri starseeds are some of the rarest and least common among starseed races. These individuals tend to keep to themselves, following their own path and maintaining a sense of self. Notably, Alpha Centauri has chosen not to align with the Galactic Federation, instead opting to create their own form of guardianship.

This guardianship, referred to as the “Guardians of the Galaxies and the Multiverse,” focuses on maintaining peace and harmony throughout the dimensions. The guardianship responds to potential conflicts between races across dimensions, aiming to restore and ensure harmony. They accomplish their goals using their own methods, distinct from the diplomacy employed by the Galactic Federation.

While they may not be members of the Galactic Federation, their dedication to peace and harmony is an invaluable asset in the ongoing quest for unity throughout the cosmos.

In terms of interaction with humans, the Alpha Centauri people have not directly intervened on Earth. However, some starseeds from Alpha Centauri have chosen to come down and join the mission here, bringing their unique qualities and perspective. These starseeds are known for their nonconformist nature and strong drive to get things done. 

In conclusion, the humanoid race from Alpha Centauri offers a fascinating glimpse into a highly advanced civilization that has made incredible strides in technology and spirituality. As we continue to learn more about them and the potential connections between our species,  I encourage you to approach this information with an open mind and a sense of curiosity about the wonders of the universe.

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Aeron Lazar

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Picture of Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar

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