The Orions: “You can’t call the game off” | Message channelled by Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar

The message I have just channelled from the Orions – an advanced benevolent Race of Beings from the Mintaka system is not all love and light. It’s about preparing what is about to come!

I have been shown that there are a plethora of Races positioned around us hovering above Earth. They are hidden from sight because they are either cloaked or they’ve shifted frequency bands so that they cannot be seen in this physicality.

They have gathered because the curtain is about to go up for the start of the ‘show’. I have been shown that it is in some ways like a theatre or cinema: everybody sits in the audience at the beginning and is waiting whilst quiet music is playing. They look at the screen and a trailer starts before the main event.

That’s where we are at: things are about to get real. This period that’s about to happen — there is no way around it. It is something which needs to take place.

I received a message from “the Orions” — a Race of Beings residing around Mintaka — a star in the Orion’s belt.

“It’s all about maintaining vibrational level. It’s a test but it’s going to be difficult. Every person needs to to understand that although they are connected to everyone and everything that exists, they have to individually manage their own vibrational state. They have to manage their own outlook and their own perception. Nobody is going to come and do that for them. It boils down to free will because you can either choose to engage with what seeks to bring you down and lower your vibration, or not.

Yes, you can say there is influence, but ultimately it’s a choice on how you see the world and whether you choose to maintain your high vibrational state. Everybody is in charge (and control) of their own.

The hardest thing over the coming months is going to be maintaining that vibrational state. There are going to be many traps and trip wires. There are going to be a plethora of ways to knock you out of your high vibrational state like attacks and assaults. There are going to be different reasons to panic and different reasons to lose hope. Remain steadfast and simply trust your heart and trust that it’s going to be okay.

COVID outbreaks, the lockdowns and even the vaccine rollout, is just the start of this period of turmoil. It’s the start of what is going to come and which will intensify.

There is a huge match about to be played and ‘Team Humanity’ are getting ready to go on the pitch. They are putting their kits on in the dressing room, listening to team talks, pulling their socks up and nervously getting ready.

The match has not even started yet. The opposing team is the team against humanity. This team is well prepared and drilled, this team is well-built and the various attacks during the match are going to come strategically.

But ultimately the result is already decided, the result is won but we still have to experience ‘the match’, we have to go through the show, we have to go through this upcoming period. There is no other way: you can’t call the game off. You can’t postpone it.

The crowd has gathered and everybody is here. The nerves are going to be there for people because at the end of the day there is uncertainty and people don’t know where they stand.

But actually just look around you now: is the ground moving? No, it’s stable. It just comes down to perception.

You need to hold on and just understand that it will be quite bumpy but it’s going to be alright.

You need to prepare emotionally and spiritually. The biggest challenge will be to manage yourself and realise that no saviour is going to come down, do it for you and take you somewhere safe.

You need to manage your own life and just understand what is happening. At the moment you are around 30% of the way through the entire process since it started at the end of 2019. You’ve got a peak to go over yet.

But once the final whistle is blown and the match finishes, Humanity is not going to go through this ever again. It will be remembered as an example of critical lessons never to be repeated.

Hold your loved ones close, look out for one another, maintain your health and make sure you stay positive, never allow your spirit to be broken. Try to appreciate nature: the Sun is still going to come up, each and every day.

We’re here, we’re watching, but we already know the result’’.

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Aeron Lazar

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Picture of Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar

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