The Arcturians: “You will get an opportunity to meet with us physically”

Aeron Lazar

A message channelled from the Arcturian Collective Consciousness by Aeron Lazar on 16 August 2022

We would like to begin by saying and encouraging you not to give up hope.

You do not realise how close you are to your victory. You don’t realise how close the finishing line is. You don’t realise how close you are to the emotion of ecstasy and the triumph that humanity is going to experience.

It is understandable that your perception cannot comprehend this because you only see what is behind you. You cannot see what is in front of you. But we have an elevated perspective of what is happening on Earth and we would offer you encouragement. We hope you can feel the excitement within our voice and our energy as we transmit this message.

It is a message of hope and encouragement to you all as a species.

We have seen many things happen on Earth which would cause you to lower your vibration or lose hope. You don’t realise just how close you are to victory, radical change for the better on your planet and collective awakening that you have all elected to come and witness at this time.

We are so happy and excited for you. And not just us, but other Races who are cheering you on. Just understand that as we have said many, many times across many different messages and transmission that your ascension is a done deal.

You have made it through the worst. Those who have made it through to this point and not submitted to the pressure, coercion, mistruths and propaganda and remained sovereign of mind, energetic field, sovereign of action, sovereign of body – the moment that your species has victory is going to be one of the sweetest experiences ever, because you will all be proven right. The courage of your conviction will be proven to have been correct, as will have the strength of your character.

But this isn’t a case of “certain elements of your society are better than others”, as all make individual choices as sovereign energetic beings, souls and consciousnesses. Therefore there can be no judgement of people’s choices, a direction or a path that a soul chooses to take, only an appreciation of a higher power and higher meaning to your soul’s existence. This is all that you can truly offer: appreciation.

However, this will not be just a satisfying day for those who remain sovereign throughout the last few years. It will be a fantastic day for the whole of your species. 

As the veil slips and as the rest of you collectively wake up from the slumber, your Race will be presented with an incredible opportunity. This is literally a new dawn of the age for mankind and for human beings. This is an opportunity to move in a different direction and do things differently. It’s an opportunity to operate like you’ve never operated before, an opportunity to create and rebuild the society as it’s never existed before. 

It is an extremely exciting time, more so than our own society. We, the Arcturians, feel affinity with humanity because we transitioned, made that pivot and ascended our consciousness a long time ago. Our path has really been set in motion on a higher trajectory, a higher timeline, since then. Whereas you are going to experience the pivot of your species over the coming years and it is going to be such a magnificent experience. We are so happy for you. We remember how good it felt when we ascended our consciousness collectively and how fantastic and ecstatic we felt as a species collectively. We know how you are going to feel and it is going to be wondrous, magical, memorable and it will go down in history.

You all elected to be here at this time and the dividend for you deciding to come to Earth at this time is what you are about to witness. You are about to receive a reward for electing to come down at this time.

For many reasons the period that you have just lived through and the immediate future ahead of you are some of the most challenging times for humanity. It has been extremely difficult for many of you. Many of you have stood strong, tall and kept your sovereignty: sovereignty of energy, sovereignty of consciousness, sovereignty of vibrational level, through the tide and the current and the pressure to conform over the last few years. As a result of this you get to experience the highest of highs.

Humanity is transitioning through the dark night of the soul. From this point onwards it gets better and easier for you. 

We would just like you to know that you have our unconditional love and support. We are here for you. We may not be there in the physical realm supporting you, but there are reasons for this. There is a bigger picture at play that you need to comprehend. 

There is a reason why we do this through messages like this, transmissions and connecting to you consciously, rather than appearing in the physical. If we appeared in the physical before the timing was correct, this would be spun against us and we would be painted as the enemy, which we are not. We are not your enemy, we are your supporters. So there needs to strategic decisions around timing as the timing is crucial, as I am sure you can appreciate.

There will come a day soon over the next few years where you will get an opportunity to meet with us physically if you are consciously capable and your awareness is expanded enough in a way that you would not react with any anxiety or trauma because we mean you no harm.

We are excited about meeting you in person, about meeting your species. We have waited a long time for this as have other Races, hence the reason there are many eyes and much attention on Earth.

You’ve run the Race, you’ve put the work in, you’ve been through adversity and felt the pain and you are almost at the finishing line. Don’t give up hope.

Humanity is coming to the end of this race but it does not mean that all races are won, it just means that humanity gets to evolve from its current trials and tribulations and from the race it has been running for an age. This race is coming to an end, the finishing line is approaching. When you cross it, enjoy your triumph: you deserve it, each and single one of you. Enjoy how it feels.

However, there is a greater path ahead. There is a greater race for evolution that you will transition into once you have experienced collective ascension, but this is information and perspective for another day. We do not want to spoil the surprise. We do not want to take your eyes and attention away from the race you are about to finish. Enjoy the victory and rejoice, you deserve it, and as a species we are so very happy for you.

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Aeron Lazar

Spiritual Guide & Multidimensional Psychic

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Picture of Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar

Spiritual Guide & Multidimensional Psychic

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