How to channel Light Beings?

Aeron Lazar

So you want to start channelling Light Beings? The Quantum Field is the playground for consciousness where you can live the most incredible, out-of-this-Earth experiences. It is available to every person with a pineal gland – regardless of whether they are gifted with vivid visuals or not. But in order to avoid the pitfalls here are some important channelling principles to remember before you open up your third eye and turn your receiver to channel messages from higher realms.

What can stop you from channelling effectively?

Many spiritual seekers give up their attempts to channel even before they start because they believe that they are not naturally gifted to do so. But, in my experience, one of the biggest obstacles to experiencing other realms often isn’t people’s abilities, but their expectations.

On one end of the spectrum, there are unrealistically high expectations. You might expect to see dazzling visions, be instantly transported to other realms, or witness something visually stunning. If it does not happen, your frustration will grow, and you will begin sabotaging their own consciousness ascension process.

Then, there is the polar opposite: you have no idea what you are connecting to, you simply go with the flow, and you are not driving your consciousness to the desired destination.

When this happens, we are tricked because there is initially nothing but blackness, darkness, and nothing. We then automatically conclude that we have hit some invisible barrier through which our consciousness cannot pass. We give up because we believe our third eye isn’t ‘open.’

When you recognize the subtle manner in which your consciousness enters the Quantum Field, you will realize that your third eye is open, whether you see visions or images or not.

From the black stillness of nothing and everything, the next step is to set your intention and move your consciousness around.

This is when the magic begins; you will begin to encounter various Galactic Light Beings, lovely images, feelings and sensations, or a sense of knowing.

How to start channelling Light Beings?

I’m using my knowledge and experience to tell you that there are some races you shouldn’t connect with, at least at first. Keep in mind the universal law of polarity. Everything has yin and yang, light and dark sides. The quantum field is no exception.


My advice is to seek out Light Beings who want to help humanity. I can confidently say that my top three races to connect with are The Arcturians, The Pleiadians, and The Sirians.

They are ‘safe’ races of beings to connect with and explore with your consciousness.

And it’s for this reason that when I’m teaching beginners and newly awakened Starseeds, I only work with races I’ve worked with before and whose frequency I trust and have pre-screened.

As you progress, you will be able to connect with other races. However, keep in mind that some of them may have agendas that are completely at odds with your Highest Self. You should proceed with caution and only when you are fully in control of the process from a consciousness standpoint.

How to distinguish between various Galactic Races?

When you first begin connecting to higher realms, you may find it difficult to distinguish between the energetic signatures of various Light Beings. However, once  you make connections with different races and “hang out” with them long enough, you will never confuse an Arcturian for a Pleiadian or a Pleiadian for a Sirian.

You should begin by learning the differences between the energetic signatures of Galactic races and becoming confident in your ability to tell them apart. They all feel very different and have their own distinct personalities.

Arcturians, for example, have a very strong sense of humour despite their wisdom, experience, and knowledge. When you are in close proximity, you can exchange banter.

Sirians, on the other hand, are very serious. They’re very direct, matter of fact and almost bussiness-like . They have a sense of humour as well, but it is very direct and dry. They remind me of my Dutch friend Huibert at times. When we first met, I said, “It’s nice to meet you, Huibert,” to which he replied, “How do you know it’s nice to meet me.  We’ve only just met!” [I never looked into it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a Sirian starseed.]

When you’re familiar with how each race’s energy signature feels and you’re certain you’re connecting with the correct Race, tap into their energy and start asking questions. They’ll always come through for you. The more you connect with different Beings and spend time with them, the better you will be able to discern “subtle” differences between them. In fact, they will become less subtle over time because their energy is completely unmistakable once you have experienced it.


One of the misconceptions about channelling is that you have to go into a trance in order to effectively communicate with Light Beings.

You can but you don’t have to. Transchannelling is just one of many techniques available. It is not my personal method of choice. I prefer to retain my sovereignty when it comes to channelling, so personally I don’t allow for any being – even my trusted Guides – to take over my consciousness and use me as a vessel. 

If you want to channel, but are not comfortable with going into a trance, you can communicate just as effectively by holding space with Light Beings, asking questions and hearing the answers in your mind, which you then repeat out loud.

By doing that, you retain a degree of sovereignty from a consciousness perspective whilst still passing on the information. This is actually the only method I teach and use personally. 

Channelling made easy

Another quick tip for new and budding channellers: speak it out loud! The more you allow it to flow, the stronger it will become and the more confident you will become.

If you believe a download of information is occurring when it is only in your mind, you can talk yourself out of it by saying, “that’s just my thought.”

The shortest path is from the heart to the throat… However, we often allow it to enter the head first in order to filter it. “No, I’m making it up,” the head says. No, I’m not going to say it. It’s all nonsense.” So, in reality, coming through the head is a more difficult and time-consuming path!

It may also feel like turning on a hot tap when you first start channelling. There is a process: water does not become extremely hot right away. It takes some time for the temperature to rise.

The same is true for channelling: the first few sentences may seem slow or hesitant, but don’t stop there. Trust your gut instincts and say it aloud.

My advice is to start speaking out loud as soon as this stuff starts coming through.

It’s like turning up the volume and it just starts flowing!

Channelling takes practice, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes and stay persistent with it. The more you do something, the easier it becomes. Channelling is no different.

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