How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra for Spiritual Awakening

Aeron Lazar

Opening your third eye is a prerequisite to experiencing Galactic Light Beings, Spirit Guides, receiving downloads of knowledge and understanding, accessing the Akashic Records and re-writing timelines. Third eye activation is also a gateway to accelerated manifestation of your ideal reality. 

But this is unfortunately a process that many people struggle with, at least initially. And this is also the reason why the number 1 question I get asked as a psychic is: how do I open my third eye? Here are some third eye opening secrets, drawing on my  experience as a psychic and mentor to Starseeds and Lightworkers.

What is the third eye activation?

What people talk about “the third eye activation” or “the third eye opening” they are actually referring to a person’s consciousness stepping into the Quantum Field and experiencing the Multiverse beyond the world of five physical senses.

The fact that our pineal gland is called ‘the third eye’ leads our slogical minds to believe that naturally we should all ‘see’ things. After all we all see with our eyeballs, so this must be the same thing. 

However, people experience their third eye activation in different ways. In fact, I can hazard a guess that you have already been into the Quantum Field and elevated your consciousness without even realising that you’ve done so. When you understand how straightforward it is to do this, you will realise that third eye opening practice can be as easy as breathing. 

How can we experience third eye activation?

Let me reverse the question: What are you actually expecting to experience when your third eye opens?

You see, many people get frustrated as they imagine a third eye opening as an instant event during which they will see dazzling visions, be transported to other realms and experience something visually spectacular.

When it doesn’t happen it causes them increasing levels of frustration and dissonance with the process of their own consciousness ascension. 

The name ‘third eye’ can be slightly misleading as the word ‘eye’ programs your subconscious to believe that you will ‘see’ things. In reality, your third ‘eye’ is just a little gland in your brain – the pineal gland – that allows altered states of consciousness to occur. 

Therefore, third eye opening boils down to simply elevating or shifting your consciousness into another dimension or frequency band..

You may or may not ‘see’ anything, you may get a sense of hearing, knowing, feeling or understanding, coming from beyond the world of physical senses.

How to open your third eye?

One of the most important aspects of third eye activation is to understand that you cannot experience the activation of the third eye with a calcified pineal gland. Unfortunately, our pineal glands have been under attack for decades due to global water supplies being poisoned with fluoride and chlorine.

Therefore, removing fluoride and decalcifying the pineal gland is the key to your third eye activation. You can start by eliminating fluoride from your diets by swapping your toothpaste for a natural, fluoride-free option. Another way of helping activation of the third eye is ensuring that your potable water supply is fluor-free. You can find filters that remove fluoride from your drinking water, however make sure you read the small print as not every water filter has this property.

There are also relatively inexpensive supplements you can take which can assist you in decalcifying pineal gland such as chaga mushrooms, curcurmin, neem oil and others.

Yet another option is practising breathwork, kundalini or meditation to help shift you our of the world of five senses.

I personally use another method. I work with channelled energy from Beings of Light to heal and open your pineal gland with special third eye activation frequency. I have a very powerful channelled third eye activation that works with Arcturian energy on awakening your pineal gland to experience higher dimensions. You can find out more details of this activation here.

How long does it take to open your third eye?

Third eye opening can be instant, but it can also be a process rather than an event.

It may be very subtle to begin with.

You may feel like you are experiencing nothing, when in fact you are experiencing EVERYTHING! This dark nothing-ness is the Quantum Field – the field of all possibilities.

By recognising when your consciousness enters the Quantum Field, you will realise that it’s at this point that your third eye is open, whether you see visions or images or not.

When our consciousness reaches the Quantum Field, the thing that fools us is that there is first nothing but darkness, blackness, and void. Then, we instantly conclude that we are encountering an invisible barrier that our consciousness cannot pass. We conclude that our third eye is blocked and give up.

It is important to persevere in that state and know that this is only the start line. From the black stillness of nothing and everything, the next stage is to set your intention and shift your consciousness.

At this point, you will begin to experience many Galactic Light Beings, beautiful sights, feelings and sensations, or a deep sense of knowing.

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh viewpoint on the process, to push over the initial blackness you’ll encounter with your goal, and to have faith that your third eye is fully “open.”

Third Eye opening symptoms

Now you may be asking yourself: how do I know if my 3rd eye is open?

People’s minds operate in different ways.

For example, I am very visual. I see pictures and scenes playing like a movie. When I close my eyes I can picture an aircraft sat on the runway with as much detail as my eyes would see a physical aircraft, down to what the tyres look like, raindrops on the little windows, the tired looking paintwork, the steps up to the door, etc. I see it in as much detail as I want to. 

My wife Riya on the other hand is totally different. She doesn’t normally see images or pictures. Instead she senses and feels energy and has an instant sense of knowing and understanding certain things. 

For years of regular meditation and third eye opening practice, the lack of visuals was one of her biggest blocks. She was getting frustrated as she expected to be able to see visions and pictures the same way as I do.

If no one’s explained the mechanics of third eye opening to you before, then perhaps you feel the same way. It really does not matter how you experience the world outside the five physical senses. 

The common denominator is how we feel energy and frequency of beings when our consciousness transcends. We will all feel and sense this frequency and energy regardless of what we ‘see’ in our minds. 

Third Eye opening benefits

When you open your 3rd eye, you effectively turn on your spiritual ‘receiver’.  It’s the equivalent of turning on your transistor radio. This is why the activation of the third eye has a number of benefits – connecting you to the multiverse of possibilities and the playground for consciousness: the Quantum Field. 

When you activate your third eye you will be able to channel Galactic Light Beings, connect to your Spirit Guides, receive instant downloads of knowledge and understanding from higher realm, accessing the Akashic Records, remote view, astral project, spot energetic patterns with do a plethora of other amazing activities.

However, as with everything, third eye opening doesn’t come just with benefits but also with risks, which leads me to an important question:

Is opening your third eye dangerous?

Once your third eye awakens, it is up to you, your vibration and the power of your intention which ‘stations’ you decide to tune in to with your spiritual receiver.

If you want to ‘tune’ in to lower vibrational entities, ghosts and demons, then this possibility exists. However my hope is that you are seeking to elevate your consciousness to higher vibrational planes and experience the infinite nature of these Quantum realms. 

When you open your third eye whilst at the same time raising your vibration and elevating your emotional state then you can and will tune into the higher vibrational stations.

Remember that you’re a sovereign being. Your consciousness is sovereign and so is your soul. Whatever interactions you have in the Quantum, even with higher vibrational light beings, maintain that position. Know that you are there on your own terms, following your Higher Self and serving your Soul’s purpose. 

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