What is the energy field?

Aeron Lazar

“The energy field” surrounds us at all times. In fact we are always connected to our personal energetic fields – which in turn can be the gateway to the Quantum Field.  There are many types of energy fields can we distinguish, but the main ones I work in are as follows: the energy field of the body,  the personal auric energy field surrounding the body and The Quantum Field, which contains all of the various dimensions/frequency bands and places to explore with your consciousness. 

What are examples of energy fields? 

There are many radically different energy field, but the shared element is the fact that they are both made up of energy / frequency. 

Examples of various energy fields are:

  • the personal energetic field
  • the Quantum Field
  • the ancestral field
  • the pain body or the collective consciousness of a country, and many more

The Quantum Field

Let’s start with defining the most important field: The Quantum Field. 

The Quantum Field is the fertile space of nothing, yet everything at the same time, a space and place of all potentials and possibilities, a space which you can navigate around with your point of attention, outside of your physical body. The Quantum Field is made up of invisible energy, vibration, information and frequency. It contains many different dimensions or frequency bands and all of the information in existence, which can be tapped into and channeled. 

There are so many elements to the Quantum Field it is virtually impossible to generalize about it – the best way to understand it is to experience it. I often call the Quantum Field “the playground for consciousness” as it is literally a time-space where all things are possible, where we can learn, play and stretch our consciousness muscle (or the pineal gland).

What is the energy field of the body?

A part of the human energy field is the energy field of the  body which contains all of your energy centers (or chakras) from your root all the way up to your crown. Modalities like acupuncture and reflexology seek to tap into meridian centers of the body which can help with general health, vitality and wellbeing. However, what is also worth mentioning is that we store unresolved pain and trauma frequency in our organs. Like emotional baggage, we accumulate this low vibrational energy and frequency in our physical bodies until we can work it through and release it. If we are often emotionally triggered, this is an indication of unresolved wounding, pain and trauma and should be investigated. 

What is the human energy field?

The human energy field sits around each and every one of us all of the time. I call this energetic field ‘The Egg’ because of its shape. It can expand and contract in size, depending on our vibrational and emotional level. Just like The Quantum Field, our personal energy field it is made up of information, vibration and frequency, the combination of which provides each of us with our own unique energetic signature (which can change and is fluid).

 Blockages in energy fields

Inside of our energetic field, or ‘The Egg’ we can find ancestral patterns, karmic patterns, distorted frequency caused by pain or trauma we’ve experienced and stored. All of the above (and more) can contribute to various energetic blockages to abundance. How those blocks work is that they emit a distorted energetic signature, which in turn blocks our dreams, manifestations and calls in a distorted version of reality. This is the energetic cause for nearly all our problems in the physical reality: be it with money, friends, loved ones or health.

In summary, we are unconscious manifestors and what we create is controlled by how clear our field is. A clear field of blockages and distortions means that you’ll be unconsciously manifesting a life of joy, flow and abundance as this is your natural state.

Energy field healing – how does it work?

Energy field healing can work in two separate but complementary ways. One of the ways includes adding to our personal field by channeling specific frequency from the Quantum Field, the other method is based on extracting discordant energies from the field.

Here is how the first method of energy field healing works. By downloading particular frequencies and uploading them to the client’s field.  The Quantum Field of consciousness contains everything which exists, including energy / frequency which can heal the physical body, emotional and spiritual aspects of our existence. Energy healing works by way of the healer, attuning themselves to a particular frequency in The Quantum Field, then channeling this frequency into the client. In essence, they become a conduit for this energy and healing frequency. For example, I often channel therapeutic energies of various Galactic Races in the form of specific codes, for example Arcturian Codes of Abundance or Sirian Codes of Protective Shielding.


When it comes to releasing energetic blocks from the field – this is an even more important aspect of energy field healing. Clearing the field from any distortions caused by past life events, ancestral patterns or trauma from formative years is in fact crucial for any personal breakthroughs. This type of work is incredibly effective and a lot faster than working with a mindset alone. By identifying the root cause of energetic blocks, we can affect our physical reality with speed and precision.


In my personal practice with the clients, I combine both types of work into custom made sessions: we first clear the field from any distortion by finding the root cause of blockages, often with the help of the Akashic Records and then reprogram the field, often with the help of specific Galactic frequencies.

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