The Dragon Race: Powerful Energies No One Can Tame

Aeron Lazar

“You cannot tame a dragon; it’s absolute strength and fire.” – Aeron Lazar

What are Dragons really like? How can you tell if you’re a Dragon Starseed? Is it possible to call on Dragon energies so they may become your Galactic Guides?

Dragons have been in the human collective consciousness for eons. They have been depicted as mythical creatures in films, television, theater, literature, and even ancient scriptures, carvings, and artefacts.

They are often described as gigantic, flying creatures with magnificent wings and metal-hard scales, and a frightening ability to breathe fire, burning anything in its way to a crisp.

Dragons, to most of us, are merely figments of creative expressions, reused time and again in fictional stories for our entertainment. 

However, those who have been lucky enough to roam the Quantum Realm or better yet, get in touch with Galactic Beings, know that the Dragons are indeed real creatures that have once roamed the Earth before humanity became who it is today.

Dragon Race In Human Folklore


Tiamat (Babylonian Period)

While members of the Dragon Race have long stopped coming to Earth (but continue to observe it and participate in it to this day – and I’ll discuss this later), traces of their existence remain with us in history.

Some evidence of Dragons living among humans go as far back as the Assyrian Period to the Babylonian Period in Mesopotamia (now modern-day Southwestern Asia). An example is this engraving found in the Temple of Ninurta, depicting Tiamat, the Mesopotamian goddess of the primordial sea:

taimat dragon
A wall panel engraving from the Temple of Ninurta, approximately built during the Assyrian Period (Source: British Museum Website)

Tiamat was believed to be a sea serpent or dragon goddess who gave birth to the first generation of Mesopotamian deities. Tiamat was known to be a magnificent creatrix who later on unleashed mythical monsters of the Mesopotamian pantheon after her husband, Apsu (God of the Groundwater), was murdered. 

Apsu believed that the young deities were plotting to kill him, and in order to stop the said scheme, Apsu planned to murder them instead. Tiamat begged her husband to stop the assassination plots, but he was later killed by their own child, Enki, who discovered Apsu’s plans.

Enraged, The dragon goddess Tiamat created monsters (beasts, dragons, snakes, bulls, scorpions, sea creatures, etc.) with bodies filled with poison instead of blood.

Nehebkau – Egyptian Funerary God (664 BCE)

There’s also Nehebkau, the Funerary God of ancient Egyptian Mythology. Nehebkau was a benevolent and loyal companion to the Sun God, Ra, and was later believed to have eventually succeeded Ra’s role in the afterlife. 

 Snake God Nehebkau behebkau
Snake God Nehebkau

As the Funerary God, Nehebkau was the one who tested the souls that entered the afterlife, making sure that they were innocent in their actions on the Earthly plane. After finding them worthy to cross over, Nehekbau would feed the souls of the departed and gave them the life force, “Ka,” so that they may continue to live in the afterlife.

Other depictions of the Dragon Race:

The Sea Dragon of Kaulon – 3rd Century BC

A 3rd century floor mosaic found in Reggio Calabria, Italy, depicting the Sea Dragon of Ancient Kaulon.

Vritra – The Dragon Demon in Hinduism

vritra dragon

St. George Slaying the Dragon – Verona, Italy (13th Century)

St. George and the Dragon

The National Flag of Bhutan 

dragon flag

The Flag of Wales, United Kingdom

flag wales

As a Dragon Starseed myself, it’s interesting to me that the flag of Wales, where I come from, also depicts a dragon.

These are just some examples of traces of the Dragon Race in our history. But before even man could engrave or carve their images in temples, and sacred places, Dragons have roamed the Earth.

Many Dragon depictions in legends and folklore have painted a bad picture and therefore, a bad reputation of this incredibly powerful and intelligent race into our collective consciousness.

The truth is, there is such a curious polarity in the Dragon Race, and even in Dragon Starseeds that now live on Earth. This is what I wanted to share with you today. 

What are Dragons really like? How can you tell if you’re a Dragon Starseed? And is it possible to call on their energies so they may become your Galactic Guides?

Dragon Starseed Traits

Working with the Dragon Race and discovering my very first incarnation as a Dragon myself through the Akashic Records, I have come to understand their most common character traits: they are highly intelligent, sophisticated, charming, and can bend the will of any being.

Dragons are highly intelligent that you can’t really outsmart them. This isn’t because they have gone to some Ivy League type of university on their planet. It’s because they are highly conscious beings who are so attuned to energies around them that they know exactly how to “read” and “play” with them, so to speak. 

It’s kind of a double-edged sword, really. Someone of the Dragon Race could either be a terrifying force, or a precious diamond who can be a true asset to someone’s life.

On the one hand, Dragons can be fierce enemies when you cross them. Think of Daenerys Targaryen, the Dragon Queen herself, from the television show, Game of Thrones:

Dragon Queen

On the other side, however, Dragons can be amazing protectors. They have such a magnetic presence that everybody can be drawn to them, but unfortunately, many people can become uncomfortable or resentful of this magnetism in the long run and turn against beings with Dragon imprints.

As a Dragon in my very first incarnation (first incarnations can leave a lasting impact on one’s soul), I embody a lot of Dragon traits that have proven to be quite helpful in my spiritual journey but have also caused a lot of people to view me with jealousy and resentment. 

Quite often, Dragon Starseeds find themselves in solitary journeys in many lifetimes. After all, you don’t see Dragons hanging out in packs.

The Anunnaki and the Draconian Race

Much like humans, the Dragon Race has had its fair share of horrors at the hands of the Anunnaki Race that have turned some of them into “bad” creatures, so to speak.

If you’re not familiar, the Anunnaki Race (the Sumerian Gods who were responsible for decreeing the fates of mankind) come from a planet with very scarce resources. They once enslaved many planets to suck out all their resources in order to survive. 

A scholar named Zecharia Sitchin in 1976 told the story of the Anunnaki on Earth. How they mined our gold resources, and even genetically engineered humans to mine the gold for them. They are the reason why man today is still shackled by unjust and corrupt systems, and still live by slavery codes and mindsets.

The Anunnaki also enslaved Dragons in the same way they did humans. The Anunnaki created a new sub-race that is made up of Dragon traits that are of the dark and none of the light. They called these genetically modified versions of Dragons, the Draconians. If you ever watched the 2012 film, Prometheus, it’s sort of similar to what happened to Dragons and how Draconians came to be.

How To Harness Dragon Energy And Call In Dragon Guides

Dragons have a very strong nature, with highly analytical minds and very advanced consciousness. You cannot tame a dragon. Their energies are absolute strength and fire. 

However, that is not to say that you cannot invite their energies into your Field and allow them to guide you through your journey within this lifetime.

First, however, understand that Dragons are very particular with the persons that they choose to guide. I have had many clients who wanted to call in Dragon Guides but were turned down because their energies did not align.

In my consciousness, Dragons often show that they agree to being a Galactic Guide for someone whenever they sort of “wrap” their wings around someone’s energy.

To harness their energies, it’s important to stay centered and always come from the side of the light. Being very aware of your ego is very important because Dragons can sense if you’re only using their energies for selfish reasons. 

If you’re someone who always wants to retaliate whenever someone attacks you, then a Dragon Guide may not be for you. Dragons know their own power – they can be very destructive if they want to! But instead, they choose not to. Dragons of the highest side of the light always choose someone who is very intentional, productive, and in control of their own energies. 

Once you get a Dragon Guide, though, you can be absolutely sure that you’d be unstoppable. It’s almost like being bullet-proof against any spiritual attack. It’s sensational!

If you want to know more about the Dragon Race, or other Galactic Beings, check out the Quantum Club, my membership group where every week we meet a different Race of Beings in channeled sessions. We have an interactive Dragon Day Full Day Workshop for the members and until 28 July the discount code “dragon” will drop the price of the monthly membership by 50%, to $111. 

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